I have often wanted to play chess on the beach and on a sad day when a lens drowned, I did, against two Finns.

I like to tell this little chess story to many of my chess opponents;

The rook, also called castle or tower represents the state of the nation, solid and strong. It is also the defender of last resort. So, the rook moves straight.

The horse or knight represents the spirit of the nation, the warriors and artists and so the knight dances.

The bishop represents religion. It is interesting to note that where religion is supposed to be straight, the bishop moves diagonally.

Then there is the queen. In a world that is sexist, the female is the most powerful piece while the king sits there being protected.

Last but not least is the pawn, disposable and dispensable, giving us the expression “pawns in a game”. But, any good chess player could tell you that the pawn is the most important piece because each pawn aspires to be the next queen.

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